Splitting Grin

by Wesley Walker

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This album was recorded in so many ways between the end of 2012 and the end of 2015 in varying states of depression and inspiration for the sake of an attempt at communication and the hope that I may spark some new creation in a small town in need of ambition and a sincere connection.


released January 14, 2016

Wesley Walker - instruments, vocals, mixing, mastering, etc.

The cover art is of a doll I found sitting on a ledge by a river.



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Wesley Walker Oregon

One of the lucky ones.

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Track Name: Trying To Change
Make me into someone that you like
Turn me into anyone, I swear that I don't mind
Trying to change is so familiar
Do I know what I've been like at all?

All of this confusion, hanging high above our heads
Often disillusioned, racing down into a dreadful new direction
No prediction, someone get me out of bed
I need to live
Track Name: Back To Bed
Back to bed, I'm dead again
Curl up in my head again
There I'll see my favorite friend
Or at least I can pretend
It's cold outside, I'd like to hide
Finally found my favorite ride
Roundabout my head again and
Back to bed, I'm dead again

Will the Winter raze my bones?
Children speak in monotones
Outside my bedroom window here
Voices follow every year
Don't let them in, that evil grin
Just fills my heart with fear again
Crawl into my head again
Back to bed and I'll be dead
I'll be dead again

Back to bed, no time to dread
Dishes stacked up in the kitchen
Can't get well when I'm not living
Wake me when the dead have risen
Track Name: Almost There
Can you feel it coming?
Can you see it in the air?
Do you notice when it's running?
Halfway there you betray
Every thought that you've made your own
Right there

Can you feel it coming, can you see it in the air?
Do you notice when it's running halfway down your arm?

Can you feel it coming?
Can you see it in the air?
Can you feel the thunder drumming down your side?
You know you can't hide anymore
You were a boy back then
Now you're just a toy for some employee-owned
Business that you call your home

Now you see your own regret and wonder if it's over yet
It never was your own

Can you feel it coming?
Do you see it when you sleep?
Do you see it when you dream?
Do you feel it when you weep?
I know you well, my friend
You were myself back then
I know you well, my friend,
Or at least I'd like to pretend and
Now you let go of everyone you know and
Now you let go

I'd like to follow you back home
I'd like to stare into the face of the unknown without you there
When I close my eyes, I see you and it's no surprise

Can you feel it coming?
Do you see it in the air?
Do you notice when you're almost there?
Track Name: Regret And Rage
My fingers are cold to the touch
Lately I think I've been thinking too much
Touching on letting go, wonder where I'll
wind up tomorrow

Living on borrowed time
Swear I'm gonna pay them all back but I'm
procrastinating, constantly waiting
for something or someone to change

Maybe we're all changing, parts rearranging
Parting and racing around this strange old
town, we're tearing it down
Watching it fall to the ground, we let it

go, We know what we've seen
It's never quite what what we want to believe
If it means anything, we're living and breathing
and we'll give it everything that we've got

Take regret and rage away from me
It's not all that I have, but I have yet to see the rest
I've been getting closer to the person I want to be
Doing my best has never been easy but I'm not giving up just yet

We come from different cultures
We resign to different trades
Changing our methods to manage the madness that
Crawls through the walls of the moments we've made

I don't know where we're going
I can only know where I've been
But I'd like to believe that despite what it seems that we're
Not so different in the end
Track Name: Bottle Rocket
They come to take you home
Caught up in the caves
Gazing at your grave
At the edge of outer space

My mind will not behave
I'm ready to cave in
I tried to start again
And sank into the sea

You'll break apart your bones
Return to make your mark
The dreams you once forget
That sudden shock of hope
That you got from the thought
Of the great beyond

Unknown to all
Looking down
Unafraid to fall
Track Name: Heart Of Brass
I don't notice anyone
I'm too busy having fun to
See the world around me spin
Out of control and back again

I'll stay up late every night
Tell myself that I'm alright
Pass out when I can't quite cope
My heart of brass runs out of hope

So I'll say good night to all my friends
Wonder when we'll meet again
And I'll cry about the days gone by
Try to wake and see the sky in the morning

Standing there again
Right where you've always been
I can see you staring back at me
Track Name: Don't Forget Me
If I could always be kind
Could I be your kind?
If you could always be right
Would you be alright?

If we could always be happy
Would we really be happy anymore?

I'm moving out of the country
I hope you want to move with me
When I move out of this body
I hope you never forget me

I think I'm searching for something
But I don't know what it is
I can't keep looking for nothing
If I don't open my eyelids

I'm moving out of the country
I hope you want to move with me
When I move out of this body
I hope you never forget me

I hope you never forget me