Phantom Phrases

by Wesley Walker

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Fourteen peculiar tracks created from an immediate and urgent yet lackadaisical approach at emotional breakthrough. Mid to late 2016.


released December 25, 2016

Wesley Walker - music, art



all rights reserved


Wesley Walker Oregon

One of the lucky ones.

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Track Name: Human League
I spent the morning breaking down to
The Human League and Nosferatu
I spent so long trying to subdue
Every fear that floods my mind
Now I'm finding out what I need
To laugh and cry, to fail and succeed
And though I'm still afraid you'll leave me
I'm learning how to still be happy
With what I've got
With what I've got
And I have gotten quite a lot
Track Name: Time For A Break
Don't you think it's time for a break
From every misfortune, from every mistake?
Don't you dare try to scare us with taking your time
Deciding if you're fit for this life

You are worth every pain that slips through your smile
You come in cold from the rain and remind us of why we want to stay
At the side of our loved ones and why we sometimes cry
When we need to say goodbye

If you've got to move on, go ahead
We'll meet up when we're ready
I only pray you don't pretend
That you are ready for it all to end
Because you still haven't seen
What it means
You have plenty of time to be free
While you're still alive
You can learn how to breathe
Track Name: Anybody Else
If it were anybody else but you
How can you say that to your own blood?

You never have to understand the way it feels
You never had a chance to be anybody else but you

If it were anybody else but me
How could you love me like you love me, or you claim to?
You're my family
How could you say
Track Name: A Separate Plane
I am you and you are me in some ways
Some days we hide from our similarities
We see through different eyes, so it's no surprise
But if you're looking back at me
How can you say that we live in a separate plane of existence?
How can you say those kinds of things to me?
Track Name: Carry On
You make life feel so much more worthwhile
With your radiant smile and your loving laughter
When we find each other in despair
Please don't fear
We will carry on
Track Name: Cheating Death
Some people are obsessed with cheating death
So they smoke some weed or maybe crystal meth
Heroin and crack cocaine, whatever nullifies their brain for a breath
Not cheating death

Everyone alive has their own vice
Drink until their face is numb, acid visions on your tongue
Cigarettes to scar your lungs, pills to make you nice

Addiction is a culture and a creed
Anything you want until you need and when you need it,
You will need it more and more
As you seek freedom from the knock upon your door

There is no way to stay the impending demise
Of everyone that ever has the chance to be alive
You can take whatever substance that you claim to need
Or you can focus your obsession on your creed
But you will never help the ones who love you most
By living like a ghost
In and out of shadows that you swear you cannot bear
Begging for assistance as if you are powerless while you stand there
Desperately clinging to your every breath
Not cheating death
Not cheating death
Track Name: Easy Being
If life was all easy, where would we all be?
What would we do?
What would we need?
What would we see at the end of the day?
What would we feel, and how would we behave?
Where do we go when we have nowhere that we have to be?
Track Name: Good Will
I'm living off the good will of my family and friends,
and I hope it never ends.
Track Name: Still We Stand
Do you want to rearrange our room?
Everything is right where it should be
But not for me
and not for you
not for me
and not for you

Do I haunt you when you go to work
the way that you haunt me
when I'm lonely
are you lonely?

Am I the only one who wants to make a plan,
yet never plans on getting anywhere at all?
Do you understand how I can manage to fall so short of my demands?
We fall so far and still we stand
We fall so far and still we stand
We fall so far and still we stand
We fall so hard and still we stand
Track Name: Take It From Me
Listen carefully
You won't regret if you try to forget what you used to believe
You are so much more than the things that you chose to attend to
What about the world you've ignored has been so far from what you need to be there?
You can be there
Just take it from me
Track Name: The Product Of Our History
It feels like freedom
will never come
now that we've learned
to hate so well

Please tell me why
my friends are crying
why would they be
put through this hell?

How can I help them?
What can I do?
I will share my shelter and my food
I will try a loving attitude
to stop the hate
that will not wait
to take our piece of mind away

Why would you hurt them?
Why are you so violently enraged?
Do you feel caged inside our country?
Do your actions make you happy?
Are you trapped inside your body,
feeling worn and hurt and lonely?

Do you think you're better than me,
or anybody that you claim to see?
Are you so blinded by your false superiority?

We are all equals in the eyes of vast eternity
Your desperate actions will not grant you immortality
Nor your hate negate the product of our history
Track Name: Where I Woke
It's a cold November morning
In the garden where I woke up
The way in which I spoke up
Didn't set well with the locals

The tiger's eye was always fixed upon you
The tiger's eye was always fixed upon you
The tiger's eye was always fixed upon you
In the dewdrops of the morning
In the morning we find